India's National Suicide Prevention Strategy

India's National Suicide Prevention Strategy


The National Strategy for Suicide Prevention provides a framework for multiple stakeholders to implement activities for prevention of suicides in India.

It sets the stage for facilitation and coordination of efforts of all relevant sectors and stakeholders.

The overall vision of this strategy is to create a society, where people value their lives and are supported when they are in need. This national strategy aims to reduce suicide mortality by 10% in the country by 2030. the approach towards implementation includes multisectoral collaboration, effective and sustainable action, inclusiveness and innovations.

The strategy also gives special focus to preventing suicides during COVID-19 pandemic. The pandemic has brought unprecedented times with various disruptions. These disruptions and uncertainties have an impact on people's mental health. It is in view of this situation that specific actions have also been highlighted to prevent suicides during the pandemic.

The national strategy includes an action framework with proposed actions with key stakeholders, implementation framework and mechanism, thus providing a path forward for preventing suicides. This will provide guidance to every stakeholder for setting targets, implementing, monitoring and taking corrective actions, towards attaining the aim of the strategy.


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