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The I2I guide is a practical, step-by-step resource for achieving successful KT. It highlights the importance of bringing a wide range of participants to the table, respecting both diversity and uniqueness, where knowledge is jointly identified, created or applied. It also stresses the importance of incorporating various knowledge perspectives.

The Innovation to Implementation (I2I) guide is a how-to resource for driving change using KT activities. It is built around the concept of innovation: products, actions, services, or relationships that have the potential to enhance health outcomes. The guide illustrates how to move from innovation to implementation in a thoughtful

manner to achieve the desired outcomes of a project or initiative. The I2I guide was developed on the basis of research findings and practical experience, through which it became apparent that a wider range of practices, participants, and types of knowledge need to be incorporated into KT activities.The I2I guide is not meant to replace KT frameworks such as the PARIHS framework, the Knowledge Exchange Model or the Knowledge-to-Action process, but rather to facilitate an increase in their application through the development of a practical, action-oriented guide. 


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