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Longitudinal datasets are an indispensable resource for conducting research to advance the understanding of how brain, body and environment interact in the trajectory and resolution of mental health conditions. To achieve their vision of a world where no one is held back by mental illness, Wellcome commissioned a global mapping of large-scale longitudinal datasets in September 2022. The objective was to encourage their use by mental health researchers, to consider opportunities for enrichment and ultimately to create transformative research on depression, anxiety and psychosis.

Our search:

- Was worldwide

- Covered datasets focused on mental health or other research topics;

- Excluded study designs such as cross-sectional studies and clinical trials;

- Included datasets from all languages (although the data holders need to be able to communicate in English).

We have identified over 3,000 longitudinal datasets that have been publicised online or in academic journals. People can browse these datasets on the Landscaping International Longitudinal Datasets website to find out more about them. People can also add news datasets by contacting us. People can also read our report.

People can also add news datasets by contacting us -> landscaping-wellcome@kcl.ac.uk

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Excellent work done by the team. Indeed, it marks a significant milestone, as it provides much-needed data for mental health research.

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