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Policy and advocacy
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Authors: Mental Health Europe and the Tizard Centre

Mental Health Europe and the University of Kent-Tizard Centre launch their “Mapping and Understanding Exclusion in Europe” report, a unique study which looks at the state of mental health services across Europe (35+ countries) and provides exclusive data and testimonies about European mental health systems, ongoing human rights violations and the changes on the horizon.

This unique report is a new and expanded edition of Mental Health Europe’s 2012 Mapping Exclusion report and aims to capture updated and more comprehensive information on 35 European countries’ mental health laws, the use of involuntary or forced placements and treatments, the practice of seclusion and restraint, as well as emerging issues in the mental health field in Europe. In mapping mental health systems across Europe, the report also sheds light on the situation of human rights for people who use mental health services and people with psychosocial disabilities and provides exclusive data and testimonies about European mental health systems from people who have been forcibly treated.

Policy and legislation
Human rights
Empowerment and service user involvement
All disorders
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