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The Perinatal Mental Health Project (PMHP) developed this handbook as a supplement to their training programme for health workers and community-based workers involved in caring for mothers. The handbook covers a range of topics:

Chapter 1 provides an overview of maternal mental illness, and explains why it is an important issue for health workers

Chapter 2 explains why the perinatal period is a crucial time in a mother’s life and highlights the importance of the relationship between you and the mothers in your care.

Chapter 3 helps you understand what mental illness is and the common types of mental illnesses which can present during the perinatal period.

Chapter 4 outlines why pregnant women should be screened for mental illness and gives tips on how to screen.

Chapter 5 highlights several practical tips for making referrals and what you can do when these are not possible.

Chapter 6 gives an overview of treatment options, such as counselling, for women who are experiencing mental health problems.

Chapter 7 provides an overview of special issues that health workers should think about when caring for mothers with particular needs.

The PMHP resource section includes several resources that can be useful while working with mothers.

Training, education and capacity building
Maternal and neonatal health
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