Mental Health across sectors: Current Work and Future Directions at LSHTM

Mental Health across sectors: Current Work and Future Directions at LSHTM

The London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine's annual LSHTM Week took place from 18-22 September 2017 and represented an opportunity for the School staff and students to share ideas and strengthen skills. The week comprised a range of activities – research meetings and symposia, lectures, training sessions, staff fora, and an all-School party.

As part of LSHTM week 2017, the Centre for Global Mental Health (CGMH) hosted a multi-disciplinary seminar titled Mental Health across sectors: Current Work and Future Directions that unpacked the complex intersection between mental health and other domains.

CGMH aims to foster research and capacity building in policy, rights, promotion, prevention, treatment and care in the field of mental health, with a particular focus on resource-poor settings. The health systems of Low- and Middle-Income Countries are weak, and communities particularly under-served in terms of mental health care. Mental health issues can affect people at any point during their life-course from conception to end of life.  On the other hand, these problems almost never happen in isolation and often intersect with other domains such as NCDs, NTDs, physical and neurological disorders, gender and violence, humanitarian emergencies, maternal health, child and adolescent health etc.

During the first part of this session innovators presented case studies of interdisciplinary approaches that take this into account. To view these, select the links along the right-hand side.


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