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Health promotion
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Mental Health Matters is a Starter Kit for civil society organisations, development sector professionals and policy makers that illustrates—through on-the-ground examples—how mental health is integral to, cuts across and influences development outcomes of health, education, livelihoods, disaster response and justice. The Kit includes examples of current development programs that incorporate a component of mental health and lists key takeaways for those funding or implementing development programs. These examples illustrate how mental health is intersectoral and may increase the efficacy of programs in poverty reduction, health, education, livelihoods and human rights. If you work on SDGs in policy, implement, fund or support an existing development program, this kit connects the dots to how mental health is critical to larger health agendas, human rights and sustainable development goals.

Policy and legislation
Human rights
Empowerment and service user involvement
All disorders
Maternal and neonatal health
Children and adolescents
Older adults
Families and carers
Minority populations
Humanitarian and conflict health
Non-communicable diseases (e.g. cancer, diabetes, stroke)
Communicable diseases (e.g. HIV/AIDS, TB)
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Helps to understand the intertwining of several issues as causes/consequences of mental health issues. I will however want to understand in more detail about the action plan and how can users like me contribute to this.

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