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Policy and advocacy
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A critical milestone for Ethiopia's mental health care sector, the National Mental Health Strategy serves to provide accessible, affordable, and acceptable care for all Ethiopians. The Strategy was developed with extensive input from a wide range of stakeholders. As a result, it is specifically workable in the Ethiopian setting and has the support of those who will play a critical part in its implementation.

The Strategy builds on the existing momentum for improving Ethiopian mental health care and sets out a clear and evidence-based plan for scale up.

Policy and legislation
Treatment, care and rehabilitation
Training, education and capacity building
All disorders
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  • This resource is also available for download in Cross Cutting Component 1 ‘Advocate, Coordinate & Network' of International Medical Corps’ “Mental Health Integration Toolkit”. The Toolkit aims to increase the understanding of integrated mental health programs in humanitarian settings, and provides valuable guidance for better resource allocation and implementation of the steps and components of Mental Health Integration.

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