National Mental Health Strategy of Lebanon

National Mental Health Strategy of Lebanon

A critical milestone for Lebanon's mental health care sector, the National Mental Health Strategy supports evidence-based practice among professionals and provision of optimal services as well as changing peoples' attitudes towards mental health substance use.

The strategy addresses mental and substance use disorders in a cost-effective, evidence-based and multidisciplinary approach with an emphasis on community involvement, continuum of care, human rights, and cultural relevance. The goals and domains of action of the strategy are in line with the WHO Global Action Plan for Mental Health (2013-2020). The strategy covers five domains

  1. Strengthening effective leadership and governance for mental health: (domain 1) 

  2. Providing comprehensive, integrated and responsive mental health and social care services in community-based settings for all populations (domain 2) especially the needs of specific vulnerable groups (domain 5) 

  3. Implementing key promotion and prevention activities for mental health and substance use disorders (domain 3)

  4. Obtaining evidence-based knowledge to inform mental health policy and service development through an operational Health Information System and coordinated national research practice is another domain (domain 4)

Suggested citation: Ministry of Public Health. 2015. Mental Health and Substance Use- Prevention, Promotion, and Treatment - Situation Analysis and Strategy for Lebanon 2015-2020. Beirut: Lebanon.



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  • This resource is also available for download in Cross Cutting Component 1 ‘Advocate, Coordinate & Network' of International Medical Corps’ “Mental Health Integration Toolkit”. The Toolkit aims to increase the understanding of integrated mental health programs in humanitarian settings, and provides valuable guidance for better resource allocation and implementation of the steps and components of Mental Health Integration.

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