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The World Health Organization has launched a new online course that introduces participants to Mental Health and Psychosocial Support in emergencies.

This free course is accessible to all and presents how to apply existing practical, evidence-based, scalable tools and practice-led approaches for the successful implementation of projects to strengthen Mental Health and Psychosocial Support (MHPSS) in emergencies. The online orientation course is designed to strengthen the competencies of health sector actors working in emergencies to establish, support and scale-up MHPSS in countries.

The primary audience of this course is humanitarian health sector staff seeking to integrate MHPSS into their programmes. This includes Health Emergencies Programme staff and humanitarian actors from UN agencies, NGOs and governments. In addition, professional officers working in areas such as NCDs, Reproductive Health and HIV in country offices, humanitarian organizations and Ministries of Health will benefit from participating in at least some of the course modules. 

The 7-hour course can be taken wherever, whenever you want on the OpenWHO.org learning platform, all at once or in several sittings. You have the opportunity to earn a certificate for test-based achievement, as well as a digital badge to share your achievement with your networks. The course will be available later in additional languages.

You can access the MHPSS training here

If your agency is interested in translating the course into an additional language, please reach out to Maya Bachet, bachetm@who.int. Translations into Ukrainian and Polish are already ongoing by the respective TWGs. For questions or more information on the course, please reach out to Fahmy Hanna, hannaf@who.int.

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