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This media in this toolkit have been designed by MHIN for an online campaign to get non-governmental organisations (NGOs) supporting mental health. The online campaign complements the Mental Health for Sustainable Development: The Role of International Non-Governmental Organisations events at UK parliament and the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine on 22-23 February 2016.

Please download these images and infographics for use on social media with the hashtag #NGOs4mentalhealth.

Background briefing paper

Read more about the event [PDF]

Please note: registration to these events is by invitation only.

Mental health cost comparison infographic 

Mental health cost comparison infographic 2

- Download [PNG]

Mental health in low income countries infographic

Mental health in low income countries

- Download [PNG]

NGO recommendation from APPG report 2014

NGO recommendation from APPG report 2014

- Download [PNG]


   Woman laughing   Mental health workers are needed   Happy Child   Happy Family

- Download all images [JPEG zip.]

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