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This is a Wellcome Trust Report on Workplace Mental health that summarises lessons learned from their second workplace mental health commission, where 15 global research teams examined promising approaches for addressing workplace mental health.he report provides an update on the state of the field and explains why researchers and businesses need to unite to take a scientific and evidence-based approach to supporting mental health in the workplace.


What’s inside?

  • Key findings from 15 research projects commissioned in 2021 which looked at the evidence behind promising approaches for supporting workplace mental health.
  • Suggested actions for business leaders, policymakers and researchers, based on this evidence.
  • Reflections on the gaps in the evidence base and why it is important for businesses, policymakers and researchers to work together to understand what works, for whom and in what context. 

Who this is for

  • Businesses
  • employers
  • policy makers
  • researchers.


Access the report here


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