RISE Manual for community-based rehabilitation workers

RISE Manual for community-based rehabilitation workers


What is community-based rehabilitation (CBR) for schizophrenia?

Schizophrenia is a long-term illness, which can lead to severe disability in the individual, especially if the community does not accept them. The illness can also place a heavy burden on the family. People with schizophrenia usually need a period of rehabilitation and family support. Rehabilitation is where people are helped to regain skills and to return to their usual life activities.

Community-based rehabilitation is a way to help people with disabilities to be included in the life of their communities. It addresses all areas of a person’s life including health, inclusion in social life and activities of the community, livelihood and work, education and empowerment. Empowerment means that the individual has the ability to make decisions about their own life. The focus is always on the needs and wishes of the individual. As a CBR worker you will work with individuals with schizophrenia, their families and their communities to help the individual to get back to their usual activities and be accepted fully into society.

Who is this manual for?

This manual is for community-based rehabilitation workers, who will be working with people with schizophrenia.

How to use this manual

This manual is designed to help you:

  • Understand what schizophrenia is and the problems it causes - this is covered in Section A
  • Learn how to help people schizophrenia and their families through CBR - this is covered in Section B
  • Know how you will be supported to deliver CBR - this is covered in Section C

Throughout the manual you will follow the experiences of Yosef and Sara, people with schizophrenia, and their families. Yosef and Sara are not real people, but their stories include situations and events that real people with schizophrenia have experienced.


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