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This practical guide, authored by the Social Entrepreneurism in Mental Health research group, is based on intensive case studies with 5 organizations, addressing a range of issues from which a common model of development emerged. It captures ideas and strategies from some of the most successful mental health interventionists in the world with the intent to enhance the success of others.

The guide includes:

  • Case studies of organizations around the globe that are leaders in social entrepreneurship in mental health
  • In-depth interviews with social entrepreneurs, frontline workers, clients and families which reveal how social entrepreneurship can transform innovative ideas into effective services in settings where health disparities are pervasive
  • A series of discussion questions for readers to use to assess their skills, attitudes, policies and behaviours around applying social entrepreneurship principles to their work


Hear the lead investigator describe the intent and use of the guide:

Empowerment and service user involvement
Training, education and capacity building
All disorders
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