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About the Theory of Change 

The Theory of Change (ToC) is an approach to developing, implementing and evaluating development programmes, that can be used in a variety of programmatic contexts. Recently it has been argued that the ToC may offer an approach to better understanding how, why, and to what extent change happens as a result of program implementation. Further, researchers have found that this framework can be used for assessing impact at a programmatic level, providing an overview and evaluation tool to understand change within project portfolios. 

This toolkit includes a range of resources that provide an overview of the process involved in developing a ToC. 

MHIN ToC Resources:

  1. 3 part presentation on developing, refining and evaluating ToC frameworks for complex interventions
  2. ToC Guidelines
  3. ToC Trials paper
  4. MHIN ToC Blog: "Using Theory of Change? You need a champion

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