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Health promotion
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The WHO ASSIST Package consists of three manuals:

  • The Alcohol, Smoking and Substance involvement Screening Test
    This manual introduces the ASSIST test and describes how to use it in health care settings - particularly community based primary health care settings – to identify people who are using substances and assess the health risks associated with substance use, so that a brief discussion or a referral to specialist centre can be provided as appropriate.

  • ASSIST Brief Intervention
    The ASSIST-linked brief intervention for hazardous and harmful substance use: a manual for use in primary care. This manual explains the rational for providing brief discussion based interventions in health care settings and describe how health care workers can conduct brief interventions for clients whose substance use is putting their health at risk.

  • ASSIST Self Help Strategies
    Self-help strategies for cutting down or stopping substance use: a guide. This guide was developed to assist patients who are at risk because of their substance use to weigh up their substance use behavior and to change it using self-help strategies.

Detection and diagnosis
Alcohol/drug use disorders
Primary care
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Thank you, interesting materials, especially if you have to deal with people who suffer from alcohol problems. It's great that you have provided the download link. Thank you.

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