WHO QualityRights E-training on Mental Health, Recovery and Community Inclusion

WHO QualityRights E-training on Mental Health, Recovery and Community Inclusion


There is global consensus that prevailing attitudes and practices need to be transformed on a massive scale to advance mental health. However, in countries across the world, whether low, medium or high-income, the collective response has been inadequate.  A sea change in mental health is needed. Stigma and discrimination need to be replaced with hope, acceptance and inclusion in the community. In addition, services, policies and laws in the area of mental health need to reflect a person-centered, rights-based, holistic approach. 

Through the QualityRights initiative, WHO is supporting governments and policy-makers to transform mental health systems so that they are based on recovery, rights, and inclusion. Particular focus has been given to reforming policy, law and services as well as actions to build the capacity of key stakeholder groups to address stigma and discrimination and to understand and implement rights-based approaches in services and the community more broadly. As part of this work, several key capacity-building tools have been developed, including the QualityRights e-training platform on Mental health, Recovery and Community Inclusion.

The QualityRights e-training is a key tool for tackling stigma and discrimination and promoting mental health, recovery and community inclusion. The global launch and rollout has an ambitious target – 5 million learners to have completed the e-training by the end of 2024.

What do you get out of this training? 

  1. Improve your own mental health 
  2. Learn how to support friends, family and members of the community who experience mental health issues
  3. Gain the knowledge and skills to tackle stigma, abuses and coercion experienced by people with mental health conditions or psychosocial disabilities
  4. gain valuable expertise and skills to help transform services towards a person-centered, rights-based recovery approach



The e-training is FREE and everyone completing the course will receive a WHO certificate. It is a self-paced course consisting of six modules and 2 case studies and takes between 8 and 15 hours to complete. 

Access the WHO QualityRights e-training HERE 
The e-training can be run on the most commonly used browsers, for example, Internet Explorer 11 and higher versions, as well as on the most recent versions of Chrome, Chrome Android, Firefox, Safari and IEdge (or the version immediately before the most recent).
We hope you enjoy the e-training!


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