Where there is no psychologist

In moving away from expert-delivered interventions toward self-guided or lay facilitated interventions, survivors of adverse experiences and people living in protracted situations of adversity could gain access to unprecedented support.
By developing, implementing and evaluating these interventions, entire populations gain the potential for increase capacity for self-help, improved mental health, resilience and better overall functioning.

Ken Carswell is a UK trained Clinical Psychologist with a background in transcultural mental healthcare, global mental health and trauma, including research and publication in these areas. He worked for a number of years in the UK health service providing psychological services to survivors of torture and UK military veterans. Subsequent to this, he worked with TPO Cambodia as part of a capacity building project to develop the psychological services they provide. He is currently a consultant at the WHO where he is supporting a number of different projects. He has particular interests in refugee mental health, building the capacity of psychosocial and mental health services in low resource countries and the psychological wellbeing of humanitarian workers.

Task sharing
Treatment, care and rehabilitation
All disorders
Minority populations
Humanitarian and conflict health
Middle East
Central America and the Caribbean
South America
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