WHO Migration and Health Webinar: Mental health of refugees and migrants myths and realities

The Migration and Health Webinar series is presented by the WHO Knowledge Hub on Health and Migration. This webinar seeks to embolden audiences to take an active approach to improving the mental health and well-being of migrants and refugees. Recognizing and responding appropriately to the mental health needs of this group can pose many challenges. There are specific stressors associated with migration and resettlement, such as the traumatic journeys that are frequently endured. Differences in language and culture can make it difficult for migrants as well as health practitioners to articulate and properly identify mental health needs, which can sometimes lead to the unnecessary medicalization of normal psychological reactions to abnormal, stressful events.


  • Essam Daod, Child Psychiatrist, Co-Founder and Mental Health Director, Humanity Crew
  • Precious Flint, Cultural Mediator, Médecins Sans Frontières
  • Fahmy Hanna, Technical Officer, World Health Organization
  • Marjory Harper, Professor of History, University of Aberdeen
  • Guglielmo Schinina, Head of Global Mental Health, Psychosocial Response and Intercultural Communication, International Organization for Migration

This webinar has been cross-posted from the World Health Organization's website for the Regional Office for Europe.
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